Halal Certification

HALAAL Certification Criteria

  • Request for HALAAL certification can be requested from 021 691 1040 or info@shura.org.za
  • The Application are two forms: i. The application ii. Product list and names with contact details of all the suppliers.
  • Once we receive the completed application, an appointment will be made for the first inspection.
  • After a successful inspection, we will request the following: i. Copies of suppliers invoices not older than two months ii. If this is a non Muslim owned business, we will ask for Muslim staff ID’s as it will be required that Muslim staff are employed.
  • We may then contact your suppliers to confirm their HALAAL status.
  • Should everything be in order - A quotation together with an agreement will be forwarded to you.
  • Once we received the signed agreement a HALAAL certificate will be issued.
  • Certificates are issued from 01 January to 31 December ( will be issued Pro-Rata if required).
  • Thereafter our inspectors will do regular, unannounced inspections: i. Your suppliers invoices will always be checked and we will require copies of these invoices every third inspection. ii. Should you change your supplier, you first have to inform us before using them.